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Water transfer paper, also known as hydrographic paper, is a specialized type of paper designed for the hydrographic printing process. It acts as a carrier for intricate designs, allowing them to be transferred onto three-dimensional objects like automotive parts, helmets, and various surfaces. This paper is engineered to dissolve in water, leaving the printed design to adhere smoothly to the object's surface, creating a seamless and professional finish.

High-definition image transfer for ceramics, metals, plastics, and more

Customized designs for electronics, automotive accessories, home decor, and  more

Ideal for crafting unique, personalized items across various industries

Versatile Application
Water transfer paper offers an extensive scope for transferring high-resolution designs onto a wide range of surfaces, be it flat or contoured, and across various materials. Its adaptability makes it the top choice for achieving precision printing on a multitude of products.
High-precision printing
Suit for diverse surfaces and materials
Superb Coverage for Dark Transfers
Water transfer paper boasts exceptional coverage for dark transfers. It effectively conceals base colors and patterns, ensuring vivid and accurate reproduction of designs. Additionally, it provides the ability to impart an opaque effect on transparent surfaces.
Outstanding coverage for dark transfers
High color fidelity and opacity for transparent objects
Compatibility with Water-Based Dye Inks
Water transfer paper is specially formulated for use with water-based dye inks. Its unique coating facilitates excellent ink absorption, resulting in high-definition prints with vibrant colors and intricate details.
Enables high ink absorption
Intricate details
Support for OEM Personalized Effects Customization
Water transfer paper offers the option for OEM personalization with unique effects. Its adaptable surface allows for customized designs, ensuring a distinctive and tailored outcome.
Supports unique effects
Adaptable surface for personalized designs

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