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Our magnetic paper is a special magnetic photo paper capable of printing high-definition images. It has magnetic coating and printed coating. The printing coating turns our magnetic paper into printable paper, and the magnetic coating allows our photo paper to stick to any iron surface, so our magnetic photo paper has a variety of application scenarios.

● Refrigerator magnet photos

● Magnetic wall decoration

● Iron white board, iron cabinet

● All iron surfaces

Our magnetic paper ensures high-quality photorealistic prints and vivid images, and our exclusive printing coating ensures long-lasting image retention and allows for customization.
High-Quality Printing
Durability,Not easy to fade
Customization and Personalization
Our magnetic paper relies on its excellent magnetic coating, featuring strong adhesion without the need for glue or tape, easy attachment and residue-free removal from metal surfaces, offering an eco-friendly, reusable solution.
Strong adsorption force
Glue-free and easy to move
Eco-Friendly Choice
The magnetic paper produced by our photo paper factory uses our own unique magnetic coating and ink-absorbing coating formula to ensure that it absorbs ink evenly and dries immediately. At the same time, our magnetic photo paper also has a certain price advantage.
Even ink absorption
Quick drying
Factory direct selling price
Magnetic Matte Paper
Magnetic Matte Paper is a magnetic printing paper with a frosted or matte surface. The matte non-reflective surface makes printed images and text look soft and clear.
Print patterns and text clearly
Matte texture
Magnetic Glossy Paper
Magnetic Glossy Paper has a smooth surface, and the printed images are saturated, vibrant, and highly customizable.
Printed images saturated
Glossy Surface
Personalized DIY

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