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Our Inkjet paper labels are a special type of label paper designed for inkjet printers. These labels have specific characteristics, and we can produce many different kinds of label paper: Glossy Labels; Matte Labels; Metallic Labels, etc., very suitable for printing labels various Applications:

● Photos, Stickers Label

● DIY Self-adhesive Labels

● Bottle Labels

● Mark Labels

● Sealing Sticker Label

Our inkjet paper labels offer top quality and versatility. They're made from high-quality paper in varying weights to ensure full ink absorption for sharp, vibrant images. Optimized for inkjet printers, these inkjet label paper resists smudging and delivers high-definition results.
High-Quality Material
Uniform Ink Absorption
Inkjet Compatibility
Our inkjet paper labels have a practical advantage due to their adhesive backing and can be easily applied to surfaces such as envelopes, boxes and packaging. At the same time, the desired shape and size can be easily customized. These label stocks utilize high-resolution inkjet printing to accurately print detailed images, barcodes, text and color graphics.
Strong Stickiness
Customization Made Easy
Precision Printing
Our Inkjet labels paper are known for their versatility, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, from home and office to commercial and industrial settings. They are ideal for creating diverse items such as signage, product packaging, mailing labels, price tags, and custom stickers labels. Moreover, their exceptional customizability allows users to personalize these labels with ease
Versatile Applications
Adaptable to Diverse Needs
Exclusive gold and silver labels
Our inkjet label paper mainly has 3 different paper labels, they are all suitable for small format and large format inkjet printers
High Glossy Photo Paper Label has excellent photo printing effect, more suitable for high-quality image output
High Gloss Surface
No Jamming,No Edge Curling
Fast Drying
Inkjet Matte Paper has excellent printability, is easy to customize, and reduces glare
Excellent Printability
Durable Adhesive
Matte Finish Surface
Metallic Silver Silky Paper Labels has a unique appearance, silky texture, more personalized customization
Metallic Silver Appearance
Personalized Customizability
Silky Texture

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