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Our inkjet T-shirt transfer papers are specially formulated for decorating fabrics with 30% or higher cotton content, delivering optimal results especially on 100% cotton garments. From lightweight ringspun tees to heavy fleece, the papers accommodate a wide variety of common t-shirt fabrics and weights.
Hats and Caps
Home Furnishing
Made for Cotton-Rich Fabric Transfers
Our inkjet T-shirt transfer papers are specially engineered for transferring images onto pure cotton and high-cotton content fabrics.
Exceptional Performance on Cotton
Suitable for Blends
Durable Prints
Our inkjet T-shirt transfer papers are engineered for prints that withstand repeated washing without color fading, wrinkling or damage to the fabric. Through advanced science, decals endure vigorous laundering like they’ve always been part of the garment. Vibrancy stays true wash after wash.
Colorfast Images
Fabric-Friendly Flexibility
Tear-Resistant Durability
No Bleeding or Crumbling
Vibrant Colors Pop on Dark Garments
Our transfer papers for dark fabrics deliver artwork with true-to-life shades that dazzle even on black and navy backgrounds. A high-pigment coating allows full, even saturation over dark cotton minimized risk of “seeing through” to the shirt color beneath.
Optimal Coverage & Opacity
Color Accuracy on Demand
Suitable for Water-based Inks
The water-based dye ink is known for its vibrant colors and good color fastness on fabrics. It is an ideal choice for printing designs on T-shirts and other garments. The transfer paper ensures that the ink is properly absorbed by the fabric, resulting in high-quality, long-lasting prints.
Colorfast Image Durability
Tailored for Customization
Our Pro transfer papers accommodate precise cutting and engraving tools for next-level desktop personalization. Professional-grade machines precisely excise designs and embellish prints with intricate edge accents or windowpane cutouts.
Intricate Die Cutting
High Freedom
Custom OEM Back Printing Solutions
Our transfer papers support efficient OEM production with back printing capabilities for added personalization. The inkjet-receptive coating enables high-resolution printing on the paper's reverse, perfect for matched 2-sided designs.
Synchronized Front/Back Registration
Rear Image Transfer

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