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DTF Transfer is the hottest process in the field of digital fabric printing. We provide one-stop high-quality, personalized, and creative DTF Transfer Solution for various industries. Here we can provide DTF Printing consumables: DTF Film; DTF Ink and DTF Powder

Various Textile Fabrics

Personalized Hat

Personalized Cup

Clothing Trademark

Personalized T-shirt

Dark and Light Clothes

Clothing Trademark Printing

Printing on various LOGOs, trademarks, curtains, pillows and other items

Suitable for materials such as fabrics, leather, ceramics, glass, metals and plastics, our DTF solutions deliver high-quality, high-resolution images with vibrant colors, ensuring exceptional image quality.
Versatility In Multiple Materials
High-Quality Printing
Durability is an advantage of DTF Transfer Printing, ensuring images on the material are resistant to fading and wear. In addition, DTF Printing uses specialized DTF environmentally friendly inks to minimize the impact on the environment.
Environmentally Friendly
DTF Solution has the advantages of mass production and is an ideal choice for rapid printing and mass production. Additionally, its ability to produce on demand eliminates the need for large inventories, thereby reducing storage costs.
Suitable For Mass Production
Reduced Inventory
DTF Solution Types
Our DTF Transfer Solution provides DTF Film;DTF Ink and DTF Powder 3 types of consumables
Our DTF transfer film has two different types of films, including: ordinary effect DTF film and DTF reflective film, which are soft to the touch, have good tearing resistance, and do not deform.
Rich products
Support multiple specifications
Our DTF inks offer superior color saturation, print fineness, durability and adaptability while being environmentally friendly
Good ink absorption
Environmental friendly
Our DTF hot melt adhesive powder has uniform particles and is suitable for a variety of DTF printers and equipment
Uniform Particles
Multi-material Applicability

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