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Inkjet vinyl label represents a cutting-edge material engineered with precision and innovation. Composed of high-quality vinyl as the base material, a specialized adhesive layer, and a surface optimized for inkjet printing. This versatile material finds applications across a spectrum of creative and practical endeavors, offering remarkable flexibility and ease of use. From personal crafting projects to professional labeling needs, inkjet vinyl label has become an indispensable tool for those seeking customizable and high-quality solutions. Its adaptability and compatibility with most inkjet printers make it an ideal choice for diverse projects and applications.

● Daily essential product package, such as cosmetics, kitchen jars, etc.

● DIY Crafting

● Name tags suitable for events, conferences, or school

● Package sealing

● Decorative Enhancements such as home and party decoration

High Definition Printing
Koala Inkjet vinyl labels are designed with a specialized coating that optimizes ink absorption. This enables them to produce high-definition prints with vivid colors and sharp details. The coating ensures that the ink is held precisely where it's applied, resulting in stunning visual appeal.
High ink absorption
Vivid colors
Sharp details
Waterproof and Oil-Resistant
The vinyl material itself is naturally resistant to water and oils. This inherent quality means that inkjet vinyl labels can withstand exposure to moisture, spills, or even outdoor elements. As a result, they are the go-to choice for labeling items that may encounter such conditions, ensuring the labels remain legible and professional-looking.
Resist moisture
Withstand weather
The durability of Koala inkjet vinyl labels is due to the strength of the vinyl material. It resists tearing, even when subjected to rough handling or harsh environments. This resilience ensures that your labels remain intact and functional for an extended period.
Defy harsh environments
Endure over time
Supports Die-Cutting
One of the exceptional attributes of inkjet vinyl stickers is their capacity to support die-cutting techniques effectively. This advantage is further enhanced by our company's extensive production capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities.
Customized Shapes
Precise Dimensions

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