Advanced Equipment & Processes Define Quality

Quality control is the most important procedure in our entire photo paper/label production process. From production
to testing center, we are equipped with the most advanced equipment and professional staff, defining the most stringent technical
standards. Every process in the production process is strictly controlled according to different levels and standards.

Coating Paper

Check coating content

Rewinding Paper

Check paper size

Back Printing

Check paper appearance

Horizontal Splitting

Check paper flatness

Cutting Paper

Check paper surface

Packing Paper

Check the packaging

Quality Control From Raw Material To Delivery

We firmly believes that great products start with strict quality control. From sourcing the best raw materials - making the
final paper - shipping, we put strict inspections on each product to ensure that the papers/labels our customers receive are consistent.

Picky About Raw Materials

We are very picky about the base paper materials we use. Of the many base papers available, only the highest performing materials are used to make our base papers.

Strict Paper Production

Our photo paper/label production process is fully automated, standardized and streamlined. Produce products of consistent quality.

Standard Inspection Process

Our products are tested every step of the way, not only to meet the standards, but also to exceed the standards.

Tightly Bound Packaging

Our products pack paper neatly to ensure each sheet is in a compact package, avoiding damage in transit that can ruin the quality of the paper

Quality Control Experts

Our Quality Assurance Team comprises experienced professionals in the photo paper and
label industry. Regular training ensures they stay updated on the latest standards and techniques.


Quality Engineer

There is a close link between our quality inspectors and the production, R&D and sales teams.


Quality Control Inspector

I adhere to stringent paper quality standards, guaranteeing that every photo paper/label meets global requirements. Only rigorously tested products are packaged and shipped.


Quality Control Inspector

I utilize cutting-edge inspection equipment: high-res image scanners, thickness testers, gloss and whiteness meters, and more, for precise evaluation of size, color, print quality, and beyond.

Koala® is a trusted manufacturer, supplier of photo paper and sticker labels for over 20 years

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We are trusted manufacturer, supplier of photo paper and sticker labels for over 20 years