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Heat sublimation paper is mainly used to produce patterned apparel where the substrate must be light-colored fabric with more than 30% polyester fiber content, such as sportswear, hats, swimsuits and other personalized heat transfer products. In addition to apparel, it can also be transferred to hard objects with a polyester coating on the surface.

● Home Furnishing

● Clothing

● Hanging Banner

● Heat Transfer Craft

● Wall Panel

● Interior Architecture

Durable Image Retention
A proprietary dispersion of pigments and resins penetrates fabrics deeply during application. This forms a strong chemical bond between image and substrate. Heat transfer products are durable. The image will not peel, crack or fade.
Advanced Coating Technology
Protection of Printed Content
Versatile Heat Transfer Product Line
We have diversified its products to include both conventional swellable papers and speed-dry microporous papers. Paper weights, sizes and specialized product versions address unique manufacturing and application requirements.
Conventional Swellable Papers
Speed-dry Microporous Papers
Consistent High Quality
Customizable to Projects
Versatile Products for Diverse Markets
A wide range of products to meet the needs of different markets and application scenarios.
Papers for Apparel Graphics
Mug Wrap and Decorating Papers
Superior Aesthetics and Performance
We have extremely high requirements for both the appearance of the paper and the performance of the product. More than 20 years of experience at the mill ensures the stability of the paper's appearance, producing a paper surface free of impurity spots, with superb flatness and no curling.
Vibrant Colors and Definition
Optimal Handling Properties

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