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RC Photo Paper, also known as Resin-Coated Photo Paper, utilizes a specialized resin coating technique to achieve a high level of whiteness and surface smoothness. This paper has the ability to precisely absorb ink, resulting in high-definition and vibrant prints. Its unique microporous structure allows for instant drying, making it suitable for high-quality photos and professional printing needs.

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Decorative Displays

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Premium Photography

Indoor Advertising

Absolutely Flat and Smooth
RC photo paper offers an impeccably even and smooth surface, providing an ideal canvas for high-resolution printing. This ensures that your images emerge with exceptional clarity, detail, and color vibrancy, making them stand out with a professional finish.
Impeccably flat surface
Ideal for high-resolution imagery
Professional finish
RC photo paper boasts a brilliant level of whiteness that serves as the perfect backdrop for your printed images. This high whiteness ensures that your prints exhibit true-to-life colors and intricate details.
High Whiteness
High Stiffness
Smudge and Bleed-free Prints
The microporous structure of RC photo paper allows for rapid ink absorption, ensuring that your prints dry instantly. This unique feature not only prevents smudging and bleeding but also enhances color vibrancy and sharpness.
Microporous Structure
Instant Dry
Long-lasting Print Quality
RC photo paper is engineered to be both waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means your prints will maintain their quality and integrity even in humid conditions or when handled frequently. The specialized coating ensures that the ink adheres firmly to the surface, providing long-lasting, durable results.
Scratch Resistant
Vivid and True-to-life Images
RC photo paper offers exceptional color consistency and boasts an extensive color gamut, ensuring that your prints accurately reflect the intended hues and shades. The specialized coating enhances color absorption, resulting in vivid and true-to-life images.
High Color Consistency
Large Color Gamut
Rich Grams and Sizes
RC photo paper is available in a wide range of gram weights and sizes, providing versatility and flexibility for various printing projects.
Wide range of gram weights
Extensive selection of sizes

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