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Image-level PET Application
As an established photo paper factory, we produce Image-level PET Films, which encompass RC PET and Indigo PET. These PET Films are tailored to meet the exacting demands of producing high-definition human images. Additionally, our product range includes Inkjet Blue PET and Inkjet White PET Films, which find significant utility in the field of medical imaging. These high-quality PET Films have earned the trust and favor of our valued dealers and discerning buyers

● RC/Indigo PET Films:HD People Images

● Inkjet Blue/White PET Film:Medical Images

Image-level PET Benefits
Our image level PET films excel in high resolution and optical performance, perfect for high-definition printing, portrait imagery, and medical applications. They ensure vivid, detailed, and true-to-life color representation
High Resolution
High Definition
Chemical stability and durability are inherent properties of our image-grade PET films. The robustness of our PET Films ensures excellent wear resistance.
Chemical Stability
The image level PET Films produced in our factory use high-quality raw materials and adhere to strict production processes to ensure that our PET Films have good stiffness, no curling, high temperature resistance, low temperature brittleness, and high tear resistance.
High temperature resistance
Tear-resistant and non-curling
Image-level PET Types
Our PET Films are available in three types: RC PET; Indigo PET and Inkjet Blue/White PET
Our RC PET Film mainly has three types: Glossy PET; Matte PET and Pearl White PET Films. It has the characteristics of low light transmittance and high whiteness. It is a high-performance imaging film material.
Double-side Glossy PET (RC)
Double-side Matte PET (RC)
Double-side Pearl White PET (RC)
We also provide matte PET Films in various sizes with different thicknesses that support printing with indigo models and laser printers
Matte Surface
Various Size
Our Inkjet Blue/White PET Films are mainly produced for medical imaging. They have a strong coating, uniform and stable thickness, fast ink absorption, quick drying, bright patterns, can be taken out immediately without waiting, waterproof and non-fading, and low cost. Economical, environmentally friendly and easily degradable
Quick drying
Easily Degradable

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