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Our cast coated photo paper(high glossy) delivers beautiful prints optimized for a variety of applications requiring a balanced smooth finish. The subtle sheen beautifully renders skin and clothing textures withdepth and warmth for treasured memories. Products and samples appear stunning yet natural, attracting visual interest. Whether high-end photos, visual artworks or graphic designs, these papers transform images into aesthetic pieces valued for their sophisticated yet affordable style.

Menus / Flyers / Calendars / Magezines



Indoor Advertisement/ Poster

High Whiteness
High Brightness
Our cast coated photo paper (high glossy) boasts a pure, eye-catching whiteness that unleashes brilliant colors on display. A perfectly white backdrop faithfully reproduces hues without interference from off-whites or yellowing. Intense pigments freely manifest their inherent chroma without pull towards the neutral backdrop. Even in complex images with both deep shadows and exposed lighting, tones translate authentically. Whites gleam radiantly while inks take on an exquisite glossy pop, especially prominent under lighting. This highly polished substrate captivates viewers with photographs practically glowing off the page in magnificent luminous color.
High Brightness Factor
Vibrant Hue Saturation
Water Resistant
Instant Dry
Our cast coated photo paper (high glossy) features a protective topcoat offering water resistance and instant drying for flexible display. The non-absorbent surface safely handles accidental spills or splashes without damage. Inks bond immediately during printing to allow for efficient post-processing like lamination without extended drying times. The barrier layer assures vivid prints created with advanced pigment or dye water inks won’t fade or run. This photo paper broadens display potential while retaining spectacular glossy looks through demanding applications.
Instant Dry Printing
Aqueous Ink Compatibility

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