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Laser vinyl labels offer versatile solutions suitable for various applications and markets due to their optimized product characteristics. Being free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and phthalates, they can be safely used for sensitive items such as children's toys and foods. The high print resolution also supports application of intricate logos and graphics. Meanwhile, consistent print quality is ensured throughout stable industrial production processes.

● Daily Necessities and Cosmetics Labels

● DIY Self-Adhesive

● Name Sticker

● Seal Sticker

Water and Oil Resistant
Our laser vinyl labels feature a top coating specially formulated to protect against water and oil damage. The proprietary treatment forms an effective barrier against liquid infiltration into the label material. It repels water, oil, solvents and other contaminants commonly encountered.
Resistance to Various Liquids
Protection of Printed Content
Tear Resistance
Our laser vinyl labels feature a tear-resistant film construction optimized for durable long-term usage. A scuff-resistant top layer is bonded to a film substrate engineered with exceptional tensile strength properties. This prevents labels from tearing during handling and wear.
Withstands Wear and Abuse
Sustained Performance Lifecycle
Withstands Peeling/Replacement
Strong Adhesion without Excess Glue
Our laser vinyl labels feature an advanced adhesive that provides ultra-strong bonding without the mess of oozed-out glue. A proprietary blend of adhesive polymers anchors the label securely onto varied surfaces indoors and out.
Maximum Bonding Strength
Precise Coating Control
Jam-Free and Wrinkle-Resistant
Less vanes, notches and not required as labels do not jam inside delicate production machinery. Optimal rigidity counteracts curling while assuring a wrinkle-free product enhancing readability.
Stubborn Waste Removal
Wrinkle-Free Production
Die-Cutting Compatible
Our laser vinyl labels are engineered to precisely handle die-cutting for complex designs.
Clean Cutting Capabilities
Consistent Cut Quality
Intricate Design Realization

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