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The uncoated paper label we manufacture is a label paper without covering coating. As long as it contains three types of paper labels: Multifunctional Label Paper; Kraft Label Paper and Colored Label Paper, we use environmentally friendly paper, which is easy to recycle, and we The uncoated paper labels can be used in a variety of applications such as documents, correspondence, office supplies, libraries, product packaging, and the food and beverage industry.

Home office self-adhesive printing paper

Print small labels for household items

DIY handmade sticky paper

Supermarket, store shelf labels

Fruit labels

Mark label

Sealing labels

Uncoated Paper Label Benefits
Support Die-cutting
Ease Of Customization
Without Curling Or Jamming
Excellent Texture
High Quality Paper
Highly Sticky
No Spill Glue
Compatibility With Various Printers
Uncoated Paper Label Type
Our uncoated Paper Label has three different labels: Multifunctional Label Paper; Kraft Label Paper and Colored Label Paper
Our Multifunctional Label Paper has a white matte surface that absorbs ink evenly and prints clearly.
Prints Clearly
Matte Surface
Our kraft paper labels are available in light and dark kraft colors with high-end texture
Light/Dark Available
High-end Texture
Our colored paper labels (ten colors) are available in a variety of bright colors
Multiple Color
Bright Colors

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