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UV DTF Transfer A & B Film Applications
Our UV DTF Transfer A & B Film can be widely applied to the surfaces of various hard materials, allowing patterns to be quickly transferred onto materials such as glass products, leather, wood products, metal, acrylic, paper packaging, and more.

Tea boxes

Wine bottles



UV DTF Transfer A & B Film Benefits
Our UV DTF printing technology delivers vibrant and bright patterns.
Captivate attention with eye-catching designs.
Suitable for flat, smooth, frosted, curved, and challenging surfaces of hard materials.
Adapts effortlessly to various product types, including cups and more.
Transferred prints exhibit excellent resistance to scratching and wear.
Ensures long-lasting durability, even on demanding surfaces.
Achieve a stunning three-dimensional effect that resembles crystal.
Enhance the visual appeal of your products with an elegant touch.
UV DTF Transfer A & B Film Printing Method

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