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Our Adhesive Inkjet Paper uses the best environmentally friendly substrate and improves the traditional ink-absorbing coating and self-adhesive coating, allowing our Adhesive Paper to achieve high-resolution inkjet printing, the characteristics of printing and drying, and at the same time Meets multi-purpose and multi-surface applications

● Portrait Printing

● DIY Sticker Printing

● Various Label Usage(Customizable)

● Indoor Posters

Our printable adhesive inkjet paper uses extremely high quality Hot Melt Glue/Water Glue so it can easily adhere to a variety of surfaces. The special coating makes the adhesive paper compatible with all types of inkjet printers for high-resolution printing.
Easy to bond and high viscosity
Good inkjet printing compatibility
High resolution printing
Because of its strong water resistance and weather resistance, our inkjet adhesive paper has a variety of surface compatibility and can be adapted to various application scenarios.
Wide range of applications
Multi-surface compatibility
Water Resistance
As China's leading photo paper manufacturer, we have advanced slitting machines and use advanced cutting technology to ensure that the inkjet adhesive paper is flat, smooth and has no edges, and can be cut into various sizes, customizable and cheap.
Exquisite cutting,smooth surface
Customizable various size
Bulk order price(Low MOQ)
Adhesive Matte Paper
Our Adhesive Matte Paper is an Adhesive Paper known for its matte or non-reflective surface, which provides a soft, clear look with no light reflection and is easy to cut and trim.
 Matte surface,Non-reflective
 Peel and stick, high viscosity
 Strong ink absorption performance
Adhesive Photo Paper
Our Adhesive Photo Paper is designed for high-quality photo printing, delivering clear, beautiful images with vivid colors and rich detail, and available in a variety of weights.
 Quick drying
 Images are vivid and colors are saturated
 Various sizes and weights

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