Photo Paper & Labels Factory

Welcome to our factory! We are a high-tech factory specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of inkjet photo paper
and labels. With advanced facilities, skilled technicians, and a strong sales team, we meet the needs of all commercial customers.
Since 2007, we've invested heavily in eco-friendly processes, earning FSC and ISO 9001 certification. Our goal:
"Complete Range, Best Quality, Lowest Price."

Factory Capabilities

We stand out for its factory history of excellence, with state-of-the-art photo paper/label equipment, Dynamic
R&D team driving innovation, and outstanding sales capabilities, which together form global business clientele offering
exceptional products and services Powerful.

FoShan, Guangdong, China

SuZhou, Anhui, China

MaAnShan, Anhui, China

DanYang, Jiangsu, China

JuRong, Jiangsu, China

Thailand Factory

20+ Years



Global Sales Network

Decades Of Tradition

We was founded in 2002, with its founder initiating photo paper manufacturing in Danyang, China, carrying on a tradition that spans nearly two decades.
Advanced Production Lines

After over 20 years of growth, We now boast 5 photo paper/label factories, 20 advanced production lines, 190 skilled employees, with an annual output exceeding 10,000 tons.
Professional R&D Team

Our photo paper and labels, exclusively developed by our professional R&D team, feature proprietary production formulas and cutting-edge material technology.
Global Sales Network

We boasts a global sales network, catering to 50+ countries, with clients spanning North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and beyond.

Photo Paper Benefits

Our photo paper and labels boast unparalleled quality, ensuring vivid prints; Environmental friendly and lasting durability. Their versatile functionality suits various applications, all at a competitive price. Coupled with our dedicated customer service.

Our photo paper offers unparalleled advantages. Our in-house production ensures meticulous design and optimization, with a focus on high-quality raw materials and a special product structure, Furthermore, the microporous color receiver layer enables high ink absorption, fast drying, and finely detailed lifelike prints.

1.High-quality raw materials

2.Special product structure

3.High ink absorption

4.Fast drying

Our self-adhesive labels stand out for their superior print quality, easy DIY customization, versatile application and durability. They are brightly colored and dry quickly, making them perfect for personal or commercial projects.

1.Durability & Water Resistance

2.Versatile Applications

3.Die-cut various sizes

4.Premium Print Quality

Our Photo Paper and Self-Adhesive Labels exemplify our eco-friendly approach, driven by sustainable practices, showcasing our commitment to reducing environmental impact and creating a more environmentally conscious future.

1.Efficient use of raw materials

2.Eco-conscious Production

3.International FSC certification

Purchasing Our Photo Paper/Sticker Labels ensures impeccable customer service, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional support, satisfaction, and a seamless experience.

1.Prompt Responsiveness:

2.Quality Assurance

3.Personalized Assistance

Main manufactured products

The main products include photo paper and sticker labels, taking into account excellent printing effects and a wide range of applications.

Quality Verification

We are a supplier specialized in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of inkjet photo paper and
labels. Since 2007, we have made substantial investments in eco-friendly processes, leading to our prestigious FSC and
ISO 9001 certifications

Global Expo

Actively participate in various international exhibitions in the printing industry to provide one-stop solutions for global

We are a trusted manufacturer, supplier of photo paper and sticker labels for over 20 years