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Our sublimation inks are optimized for transferring intricate designs onto chemical fiber fabrics containing 60% or more content like polyester. Sublimation enables vibrant and colorful printing directly onto polyester apparel as well as blends that are 60% or higher poly content.

●Home Furnishing

● Clothing

● Hanging Banner

● Heat Transfer Craft

● Wall Panel

● Interior Architecture

Our sublimation inks produce highly resilient images through a unique bonding process that ensures long-lasting brilliance. At high temperatures, dyes penetrate and fuse evenly within polymer fibers, integrating fully for a lasting one-piece effect. Sublimation inks tolerate UV exposure far better than traditional inks, maintaining colors without noticeable fading for many years indoors or out.
No Delamination or Cracking
Superior Lightfastness
Our sublimation inks deliverprints with unparalleled color vibrancy and nuanced tonal qualities. By harnessing a broad spectrum of long-lasting dyes, inks reproduce most certified brand palettes and benchmarks seamlessly.
Wide Color Gamut
True-to-Life Saturation
Subtle Tonal Gradiation
Our sublimation inks offer flexible packaging to meet the needs of high-volume production and OEM partners. White ink labeling of containers allows matching ink series with a private brand appearance per customer specifications.
Flexible Packaging
Custom Labeling Capabilities
We offer a full suite of consumables including transfer papers, mugs and blanks and one-stop e-commerce to simplify your sublimation workflow. All sublimation essentials from inks to finished goods available in one place for design to shipping, accelerating your jobs from start to finish.
Transfer Paper Kits
Accessory Tools

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