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Laminator and Laminating Film represent a cutting-edge material engineered with precision and innovation. Composed of high-quality PVC as the base material, featuring a specially designed adhesive layer, and optimized for hot lamination process. This versatile material finds applications across a spectrum of industries including ID card and business license production, color photo lamination, advertising, specimen production, and gift manufacturing. It enhances the glossiness, hardness, and water resistance of the product surface.

● ID card and business license production

● Color photo lamination

● Advertising

● Specimen production

● Gift manufacturing

Our Laminator and Laminating Film offer a sealing process that encapsulates photos and objects, reducing exposure to air and thereby minimizing oxidation. This meticulous sealing ensures your cherished memories and valuable items remain preserved for extended periods.
Minimizes oxidation
prolonged preservation
Laminator and Laminating Film create an impermeable barrier, rendering sealed items impervious to water, dirt, scratches, folds, and tampering. This ensures your documents and valuable materials remain safeguarded in any environment.
Waterproof seal for added protection
Shields against dirt and grime
Guards against scratches and folds
Protects against tampering and alterations
Our sealing films come in a range of specifications, offering the freedom to customize sizes and thicknesses as per your unique requirements. This versatility ensures a perfect fit for a variety of items, no matter their dimensions.
Diverse film specifications
Easily customizable to desired sizes
Tailored thickness options for precise sealing
Our laminators and laminating films offer a wide array of customizable controls, allowing you to adjust temperature, pressure, and speed to suit your specific laminating requirements.
Adjustable temperature, pressure, and speed settings
Shields against dirt and grime
Accommodate various laminating intensities
Our laminators and laminating films are not only versatile in their functionality but also in their appearance. We offer the option to incorporate your logo and customize the packaging to align with your brand identity. This ensures that your laminated products not only stand out for their quality but also leave a lasting impression.
Suit for Personalized logo
Tailored packaging

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