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Sublimation Protective Paper Application
Our Sublimation protective paper plays a very important role in protecting the heat press and the sublimation substrate. It is mainly placed between the substrate and the mat during the sublimation process to ensure that the final sublimation pattern has bright colors and Crisp details.
Sublimation Protective Paper Benefits
Our Sublimation Protective Paper prevents ink from transferring to the heat press's heated plate, protecting it from ink staining and ensuring consistent print quality over multiple transfers. Also reusable, increasing cost-effectiveness.
Recyclable and reusable
Prevents Ink Transfer
Our dye-sublimation protective paper is available in a variety of sizes and weights to meet the needs of different heat presses and substrates, and it can withstand the high temperatures during the dye-sublimation process.
Different Sizes and Weights
Heat Resistance
Due to our advanced production equipment and quality inspection process, the Sublimation protective paper produced in our factory can exceed international standards in flatness, smooth surface, and very high barrier rate and water absorption rate.
High water absorption
High barrier rate

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